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Recent Testimonials:

Who doesn't love Santa? I think this is the 4th year in a row he has visited our company Christmas party and it is the one event that gets families to bring their kids and for everyone to have a great time. The kids love him! He's authentic, kind, and patient. All of the characteristics that Santa has a reputation for. -- Jenny H, Carlsbad, CA, 12/20/2018

He's the real deal! -- Thomas A,
Palm Desert, CA, 11/18/2018

This is the best Santa I have ever hired. He has the best costumes! I have never seen a Santa look so cool! My kids loved him. His prices were very competitive and in my opinion, I got the best Santa in San Diego for the money. My kids loved him. I have hired other Santa's in the past and my children didn't react like they did with the Santa Claus San Diego! I would STRONGLY suggest if your looking for a Santa Claus in San Diego this give Joe a call. You won't be disappointed!y, Corona, CA, 12/15/2018

The Story of Rudolph

The History of Christmas:

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