Recent Testimonials:

Santa arrived on time. He looked authentic and the parents and children loved him. I hope to have him again next year. — Ashne H, Poway, CA, 12/15/2018

He’s the real thing! — Craig D,
Shops on Paseo Palm Desert, CA, 11/24/2018

If you want a Santa for your party that kids and adults alike will be impressed by and will forever remember then you should look no further. Days after the party I am still receiving messages regarding how much they enjoyed our Santa. Everyone agrees that we have all seen hundreds of Santa’s throughout our lifetime but frankly none as good as him. The kids were captivated by his appearance and his interaction. He was professional with the kids and the adults as well. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. I will never consider a different Santa from this point on. Thank You Santa for giving us a wonderful Christmas Party.

-Nancy O, 12/19/2018, Christmas Party, Corona, CA

I am not just a Santa Claus; I am The Real Santa Claus.

Santa is magical therefore I do perform magic. Not just the magic of the Christmas Spirit but I will dazzle those that watch with magical tricks and illusions! When you see me, when you see my outfit and when you see me interact with children, you will know that I am The Real Santa Claus. I have entered rooms where adults have stopped, dropped their jaws and stared at me and I hear, “That is the real Santa Claus”. The children already know I am Santa Claus.

I have been blessed with being Santa for a very long time. I have visited thousands of families and have had hundreds of thousands children sit on my lap and tell me what they wanted for Christmas. I have been photographed thousands if not hundreds of thousands of times.

I am a part of the family for many people. I have families that I have visited on Christmas or Christmas Eve for 10 to 15 years in a row. Their children have grown up with me as their Santa. I have led the San Diego Chargers out onto the field at Christmas time. I have been delivered by helicopter onto the roof at Children’s Hospital. I have been the Santa to VIP’s and celebrities for years.